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PhD Project 

I’m looking for PhD applicants who are interested in the following research:

Project 1: Control and Communication Co-Design for Connected Intelligent Systems

Future wireless communication system (Beyond 5G and 6G) would be expected to provide digital connectivity for intelligent systems, such as robot, vehicles, drones, etc, and support a wide range of future applications in transportation, industry, healthcare, etc. However, those applications require the extreme communication requirements, such as low latency, high reliability, as well as high date rate, which leads to significant challenges for future wireless systems. In this 3.5-year PhD project, we are going to address the scalable and sustainable challenges by jointly designing the control and communication systems. The goal is to provide an effective communication solution for future connected intelligent systems. The student is expected to use the state-of-the-art 5G and robotics testbeds at University of Glasgow to verify the proposed solution. The student has opportunities to visit our industrial and academic partners for internship/exchange.  

Project 2: Human and AI Shared Control for Robotic Systems

Recently, artificial intelligence has significantly advanced the robotics systems, where humanoid robot can dance and vehicle can drive itself. However, there are still many tasks that are very challenging for robots, in particular in complicated real environments, for example, fully autonomous driving in any conditions (level 5 autonomous driving).  In this project, we intend to address the challenge by exploiting human intelligence as well artificial intelligence (AI) since many tasks are quite easy for human, but very difficult for AI. The goal of this project is to develop the human and AI shared control system (human-in-the-loop design), which can fully unlock the potentials of human and robot. This is an interdisciplinary research project between computer science and engineering. The robotic arm systems at University of Glasgow will be used in this project. The student would be registered in school of computing science at University of Glasgow, where 50% supervision share belongs to School of Computing Science and 50% belongs to James Watt School of Engineering.

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